Transportation and Support

Chopper with much needed supplies, came out to field about every three days with a hot meal, mail, and ammo.

"pop smoke"- We would set off smoke grenade to help the chopper locate us. We would use various colors because the VC would use them also to try to get a chopper to come close to them and then they would shoot it down.

This chopper hovers over a bomb crater because no place to land , door^M gunner is at the ready.

A very welcome site, a Chinook comes in to give us a ride.

Sometimes a Chinook would transport us from the field to a LZ for bunker^M line duty.

Once in a while we would take the time to play around, pretending to be^M pilots and door gunners on a observation chopper.

Notice the Americal patch on the front.

Chinook transporting a howitzer from one location to another.

Adjusting a mortar on a fire support base.

Ready to fire, I couldn't believe how loud it was.

Me standing next to a 155 Howitzer.


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