Having a cookout during stand down at Chu Lai Beach.

Americal Division beach during stand down.

Sometimes it was like being a tourist.

After stand down it was back to the boonies.  Here, I am crossing a small river with full gear.

Crossing rice patties, we always stayed far apart, because of being out in the open.  Usually a dangerous place to be.

In my hooch , in the thick jungle making popcorn using C4 for heat.

  Lower left is a cobra gun ship firing to lower right.

  Fire is from rockets-on left is Vietnamese interpreter

  Chopper is celebrating Christmas with purple smoke.

  Periodically a Priest would be able to come out into the field and say a mass.  For me it was quite a privilege.

  Outside of a bunker, at night we would sit on top and try to stay awake while watching for an attack.

  Four M72 lau's

Me on patrol in the jungle.

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