Camp OJI Japan


In Hepatitis ward #40.  Professional heavy weight
wrestler/actor Mike Mazurki and me.

L. to R. Felix and Willie, from D2/1.
Hit by booby trap in legs near Tam Ky in March 1969

Dan Walker snacking and resting which was the
only thing to do in order to get well.   At first we
would sleep 20 hours a day.

SP/4 Bob Wyss catching up on the news.

Joe Way enjoying the rest.  The beds were almost
stacked ontop of each other.

Captain Hamper never without a smile.

Corpsman Miller up to mischief with nurses aide.

Corpsman Sp4 Wolf passing out ice water.

I can't remember who he is, but he reminds me
of "One Flew over the Cookoo nest".

The entertainment sure was a boost to our morale,
without it the days would last forever.

Doing the hula.

Father Andrew Drew

Snow covered cherry blossoms.

Heading into camp Zama , which is where we
would go to await orders, after fully recovered.

A last look at Japan , picture taken out of the
"Freedom Bird" taking off from Yokota airbase.

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