Men of the 196th

December 5, 1968 - On LZ Sooner - With Christmas Tree sent from home. L to R Willie Johnson, Geisler, Sagers, Lt. Mike Holroyd, Jim Haen. On far right is Doc Martinez using my writing paper.

Andy Cider & Me - Bunker line on LZ Ross - December 13, 1968 - Received package from home, camera, AM Radio, Zesta Crackers, etc.

December 1968 - Combat Medic Martinez out on patrol. In background is Rice Patty's, not a river as it appears.

December 1968 - While guarding Hwy 1, young merchants stop by to sell thier wares. Black Market Soda's were 50 cents. L to R Schonie, Jim Haen, and Jesse who soon went home.

December 1968 - Doc Martinez with a setting sun, taken near Hwy 1.

January 3, 1969 - On Standdown at the "Chu Lai Hilton" "Charger Hotel". A 3 day party to relax and clear up finance records.

On Standdown, waiting for the next floorshow.

January, 1969 - Doc Martinez among the Banana Trees.

January, 1969 - Doc on a break.

January 1969 - L to R Ray ( Main RTO), Doc, LT Holroyd. Toasting Marshmellows using Blue Tablets for fire.


Out on patrol. M60 Gunner and ammo man. One man would carry M60 Machine Gun and a little ammo, other guy was like his shadow carrying more ammo along with his M16 Rifle.

January 1969 - In Village - Raye & Lake, Main RTO's

In Village on light patrol. L to R ???? Me, Jim Haen


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